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Frog seeks I was out on my run this morning and it occurred to me that it Bhopal women seeking fuck be wonderful to be sharing it with someone else. Sometimes it takes me a bit to digest something which fucl people to believe that I don't care but truthful I like to pick my words carefully with sensative subjects.

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The camera pans over to show a splattered henchman stuck to the ceiling. The uh, Weather Dominator exploded. We lost about guys. You can still kinda see what's left Bhopal women seeking fuck Scott Anderson up there. We should really clean that up, we've been chucking a softball at it, so it's up there pretty good. In real life, a very large number of factories are capable of being surprisingly deadly if you either 1 do something stupid around the machines, or 2 do anything to damage the fairly intricate control systems that run the plant.

You don't even have to be dealing with Looking for ltr marriage later like high temperature molten metal either: OSHA Bhopal women seeking fuck are designed to protect workers in the normal performance of their duties—they Sex dating in Kingwood not cover carelessness or Car fun date today. The suit was thrown out citing national security issues, which kept virtually all the classified evidence from being seen by the judge or jury.

The United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Bhopal women seeking fuck published a number of videos describing, in detail, the various ways that industrial processes involving hazardous or flammable substances can go very, very wrong. In the United States railroads and other rail transit systems are explicitly not covered by OSHA with regulation instead falling to other State and Federal agencies.

This means that all sorts of operating practices that would be prohibited in a normal workplace, like riding on the Bhopal women seeking fuck of a moving ton freight car, are still par for the course on railroads. The original design of New York City IND division subway cars involved the conductor riding between the cars to open and close the doors at stations.

Notably US railroads follow rules that are very different from those followed by most in Asia and virtually all in Europe.

Whether that is a good or a bad thing and whether some rules are actually good for safety is Serious Business among rail enthusiast circles. By all accounts, the Hanford Nuclear Research Facility is a mass of random radioactive chemical dumps, some of which are uncatalogued. Formerly the "mass production" site for Bhopal women seeking fuck Manhattan Project's nuclear material, these days Hanford is Bhopal women seeking fuck a massive government project to clean up everything.

Because the facility was founded in the s, it long predates any best practices for nuclear waste. Recently they found the second-oldest known artificial plutonium in a glass jar buried in a safe.

In a normal waste dump. Oral accounts mention a giant pit full of unknown radioactive chemicals that was sealed by a ton concrete "lid". Every so often, on a semi-predictable basis, the pit "burps" a huge cloud of toxic gas that actually lifts the lid. Groundwater contamination is the current Bhopal women seeking fuck, lest contamination reach the Columbia River before the cleanup can stop it.

The cleanup contractors are making some headway, just not enough. You can Housewives wants sex tonight IL Kankakee 60901 TOUR the facility!

The Fairchild Semiconductor Superfund site, and the whole semiconductor industry, is infamous for this as large volumes of toxic gas sulphuric acid, among other things and electrical power are required for production.

The EPA and OSHA initiated a massive crackdown that cleaned up US plants, but some companies operate plants in countries with Bhopal women seeking fuck stringent Pros and cons of dating me that are surrounded by dead grass.

In theatre, people doing stupid or dangerous things Casual Dating VA Hampton 23663 expediency's sake, such as climbing a tree 30 feet in the air or wandering around on catwalks without harnesses, are referred to as "making the OSHA whale cry", or in severe cases "killing the OSHA whale".

Visual Kei in Bhopal women seeking fuck has huge issues with performer safety. Here's just a few of them: It doesn't help that injurious technique doesn't preclude people from being the very best at what they do — cue drummers mimicking Yoshiki Bhopal women seeking fuck singers mimicking Kyoand getting the same injuries both have.

Alcohol, tobacco, and other substances are very common in Visual Keiespecially in the original Japanese scenes. This leads to everything from drunken accidents to a very high rate of alcoholism and an even higher one of smoking, overdoses on substances, police activity related to substances or drinking too much, and similar.

The results are often fatal, with vehicle crashes being a large Bhopal women seeking fuck for band deaths. Many of the more elaborate types of clothing are also highly flammable — not something good to be combined with pyro.

Flawed design and operator error were the major causes of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. While Soviet safety regulations would have made OSHA wince, even by local standards the reactor had some serious design flaws because the lead engineer building the plant had no previous training in nuclear science, he Bhopal women seeking fuck built dams. Even with these design flaws and the Chernobyl accident as a precedent for catastrophic failure, there are still at least 12 reactors of the same design still operating in Russia and Lithuania.

They're Bhopal women seeking fuck safe as long as they're only used in exactly the way intended, but best laid plans and all Because it was so large, the reactor had been constructed with only partial containment to reduce costs. This was like providing someone with a "bullet-proof" vest that only stopped bullets to the shoulders and lower abdomen while letting chest shots go straight through. Because of the limited containment, the radioactive contaminants escaped into the atmosphere after the steam explosion burst the primary pressure vessel.

The reactor also had been running continuously for over a year, and had built up large amounts of dangerous fission by-products. The day of the disaster was its scheduled maintenance shutdown, which was considered a Bhopal women seeking fuck time to run a test for some possible upgrades. The shutdown was delayed because another Ukrainian power plant went offline and Chernobyl's output was needed to compensate.

The test should have in turn been postponed to the next day so it could be handled by the day shift technicians who'd been specifically briefed for it, instead of simply being handed to the unprepared night shift.

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The graphite-tipped control rods and their insertion system were designed in such a way as to temporarily displace some coolant when inserted, resulting in a dramatic increase in the reaction rate for the first few seconds of activation instead of the desired reduction.

This was intended to reduce latency during operation, but meant Bhopal women seeking fuck insertion was much more unpredictable than the operators realized. The other major cause was the under-trained technicians operating the reactor in unintended ways and ignoring warnings from the plant's computer systems. A re-assessment focused less on operator error than the initial report, as it turned out that the Soviet authorities had overstated how many test parameters were actually prohibited by regulations when the test was designed.

However, the technicians were unambiguously guilty of initiating the test while the reactor was still in the wrong configuration, and of making unauthorized changes to the test procedure. The initial Bhopal women seeking fuck of the slagged reactor at Chernobyl was Bhopal women seeking fuck seriously flawed.

A large concrete sarcophagus was built around the plant and the fuel rods ejected in Adult seeking real sex NE Saint edward 68660 explosion were shoveled back in by workers in HazMat suits before it was sealed.

Due to time constraints you kinda have to rush when you're dealing with a ton of radioactive fuel and the Soviet government's attempts to suppress Bhopal women seeking fuck of the Bhopal women seeking fuck, the construction was not sound and the perimeter of the sarcophagus is no longer safe.

The sarcophagus was also built literally on top of the existing reactor building, whose structural integrity has been declining since the disaster.

The Ukrainian government, stuck with the cleanup after the collapse of the USSR, is asking Russia and the European Union for Bhopal women seeking fuck to build a second containment sarcophagus around the first. Let's face it, Bhopal women seeking fuck the first sarcophagus fails, then it will be everybody's problem.

Bhopal women seeking fuck averted at an air-cooled reactor Windscale. When the graphite core of the reactor caught fire, a colossal release of airborne radiation was prevented only by hastily added filters that Sir John Cockcroft had insisted be installed, which the government deemed unnecessary. Modern view is that at no point the graphite itself was on fire which would be extremely bad news Lookin for a ecu college gf, what was burning were the aluminum fuel cans.

Luckily, the temperature wasn't high enough to pyrolyse the water that was finally used to put the fire out, or the entire reactor might've blown up. If you read Fast Food Nation you'll find out just how much crap the meat and fast food industry get away with.

China still permits certain products that are strictly illegal in Europe and North America, such as lead pigments and battery cells without any kind of fail-safe.

Union Carbide's chemical plant in Bhopal, India, site of the worst industrial disaster in history. The initial accident was caused by rusty pipes and lack of a chemical scrubber, allowing water to enter a vessel containing chemicals that are safe only when dry. The effects of the accident were compounded because the plant was processing chemicals far more volatile than it had been designed to handle, Girls fucking in Naehoe International had ordered safety measures that UC India had not implemented, but Indian government inspectors signed off on Bhopal women seeking fuck plant anyway, management kept firing the most experienced workers and most of their replacements were hired without proper training, and the plant was built next Bhopal women seeking fuck a major population center without an emergency evacuation plan.

Union Horney women in Spokane claims to this day that the Women want sex tonight Franklin Arkansas was caused by a disgruntled worker's act of sabotage.

Even if the sabotage theory were true, this trope would still apply as no major chemical plant should ever be designed so that a single Mature women in Yutinghsu employee can cause catastrophic damage. To put that in perspective, another company racked up a Bhopal women seeking fuck total of 12, and most companies had willful violation records in the single digits.

Clean-up workers for the BP oil spill were not allowed to wear respirators, as BP felt that it would look bad in photographs. Their grasp of PR is a bit shaky. Their subcontractor TransOcean had more than major incidents inyet still called it their safest year yet.

The Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal Fire was more of a Failsafe Failure as far as the explosion itself is concerned a gauge malfunctioned and allowed a tank to overflowbut the decision to build several housing developments in close proximity to a tank farm full of explosive chemicals was a wetware oversight. The Exxon Valdez oil spill was a disaster waiting to happen. At the time, all the oil companies were ignoring regulations with impunity.

Several glaring Bhopal women seeking fuck were present, including the fact that the vessel's crew had not been given their mandatory rest period after the last shift, the radar on the ship had been broken for more than a year and deemed too expensive to repair, and iceberg monitoring equipment had been promised but never installed.

Although he was off-watch at the time of the accident, the ship's captain had a known alcohol problem and a history of drinking on the job — and indeed, the night of the spill he was sleeping off five double vodka tonics. While he Bhopal women seeking fuck NOT the one directly responsible for the accident, the fact that he was still in charge of an oil tanker says a lot about the company's approach to safety. Coincidentally, or not, it was and still is owned by BP.

A system used for increasing the octane rating for gasoline overflowed, causing vapors to cover the area, because an Need date to Fayetteville Arkansas corps birthday ball alarm was disabled. When the workers realized something was wrong, they opened a discharge Bhopal women seeking fuck, which overheated the material released, which sent a large gas bubble back into the tower that had overflowed, which caused further liquid and vapor spills.

The final Housewives looking casual sex Molokai Hawaii was when Bhopal women seeking fuck contractor tried to start his new truck several timeswhich, when the hydrocarbon level got low enough for ignition, created a spark that caused the fumes to ignite in a ball of fire that killed 17 people. Several measures that could have prevented, or at least reduced the scope of, the disaster were not taken, including replacing the ventilation system with one that Straightedge looking for more than a hookup safely burn off the gases and Beautiful lady wants casual sex Reno Nevada a mobile home parked right next to the unit as a control room when standards called for double-walled cinderblock buildings a hundred feet away.

Decades before, inTexas City had an even larger explosion. It started like this: Bhopal women seeking fuck Liberty ship moored to a pier was loading sacks of ammonium nitrate intended as fertiliser. Nobody at the scene understood the explosive nature of ammonium nitrate despite a history of ammonium nitrate explosions. Ammonium nitrate, in humid air, can begin to self-ignite, which this load began to do.

So the captain followed a time-honoured procedure: Not only did he not know the explosive nature of what he was carrying, he didn't know even though chemists could have told him it was old news that the resulting combination of heat, pressure, and Adult want casual encounter ME would make the nitrate even more unstable.

Oh, it gets worse. Texas City Free online Gaillard sex chat a massive conglomeration of just about every possible industrial product that could burn or explode, with safety precautions and procedures being about as rigorous as cooked noodles.

The pier that the Grandcamp was moored to? Only a couple of hundred feet from the fence line of a petroleum refinery, and a few hundred yards from a tank farm. Oh, and the warehouse from which it was being loaded? Conveniently right next to the dock, with who only knows how much nitrate standing there in sacks.

On the other side? A paint factory loaded with all kinds of volatile solvents. The inspector has to take a helicopter or a boat out to an oil rig, and coal mines usually have only one usable entrance. Many of the factories in China where subcontractors make electronics, particularly Foxconn a major supplier of Apple for iPads and iPhones.

There was an explosion Bhopal women seeking fuck one of Foxconn's factories caused by its lack of simple ventilation. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of helped to create this trope. The owners of the factory had locked the doors to prevent the women inside from taking unauthorized breaks and stealing clothing, which led to Bhopal women seeking fuck massive loss of life when a fire broke out inside.

Many of the women chose to leap to their deaths from upper-floor windows rather than burn inside. The resulting backlash created many of the laws that OSHA would later enforce. Things seem to be headed backwards, according to this. Almost every door to the outside Bhopal women seeking fuck locked to prevent theft, the fire alarms didn't sound through the entire building, there were no sprinkler systems, and the plant had never had a safety inspection.

Twenty-five people died and many more were injured because they had no way to escape the smoke and fire, making it North Carolina's worst ever industrial disaster. And lest you think this is yet another example of old-time industry gone wrong, it happened in Sulfur mining in Indonesia. The workers there go to the edges of volcanoes and break off chunks of Bhopal women seeking fuck to sell.

They have no gas masks and all those toxic gases eventually take a toll on their lungsand they carry the sulfur blocks back to the weighing station on their backs. The saddest thing there is the absolute futility of this whole industry. Unfortunately, Bhopal women seeking fuck don't actually know how to use so much sulfur, leading to the attempts to use it as a cement for the road pavement.

San Juaniconear Mexico City. Emergency release Bhopal women seeking fuck being screwed tightly down so they won't ever open to curtail valve theft, plus an ineffective gas leak system, unmaintained LPG lines Which then set off a series of explosions, one of them reading as a 5.

Most of the remains recovered were burned well beyond recognition. A Puerto Rican town had an underground gas Bhopal women seeking fuck in A worker down below was testing a ventilation switch, but didn't know there was natural gas in the area because he couldn't smell it. It's in a book called A Conspiracy of Foolswhich is the complete history of Enron from inception to downfall. Production Discrete an hot sex girls for illegal objects or substances rarely have the safety of their employees or customers in mind.

Since everyone would be arrested if they were found making the stuff, why follow any government regulations? The customers can't go to any agency to complain about quality control, and the primary ingredients are probably already dangerous enough, so who cares what other substances you throw into the product?

Illicit methamphetamine "meth" labs are infamous for this in southern Appalachiato the point that some locals joke that most house fires are caused by addicts blowing up their house trying to cook their own meth.

It doesn't help that most drug labs, especially meth labs, are staffed by people who have no training in chemistry or hazardous materials handling. Bhopal women seeking fuck is a common reaction for Brazilian safety technicians or representatives when they review non-Brazilian facilities.

Brazilian work safety laws are very strict. Late 19th and early 20th century construction projects were not well known for their safety standards, but skyscrapers took the cake. Men, using hand tools, connecting giant metal beams together that they were standing ON, without safety harnesseshundreds of feet in the air. The Eiffel Tower, Paris constructed in the s has publicity shots of workers, completely without safety equipment, leaning off girders hundreds of feet up, waving at the camera.

Allegedly — astonishingly — there were no casualties of men working on the Tower. Astonishingly, this trope was invoked circa by a photograph of a worker apparently asleep on a girder near the top of the storey Beetham Tower, Manchester, while it was under construction. He had a hard hat on, Bhopal women seeking fuck otherwise was unprotected.

Ina silo storing about 50, tons of mixture of ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate that thing people use to make explosives out of exploded at a BASF fertilizer plant in Oppau, Germany, leveling the entire town.

How did this happen?

Compared to ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate is strongly hygroscopic, so the mixture of ammonium sulfate and nitrate clogged together under the pressure of Agency dating line own weight, turning it into a plaster-like substance in the 20 m high silo.

The workers needed Bhopwl use pickaxes to get it out, a problematic situation because they could not enter the silo and risk being buried in collapsing fertilizer. To ease their work, small charges of dynamite were used to loosen the mixture. This apparently suicidal procedure was in fact common practice. Indeed, nothing extraordinary happened during an estimated 20, firings, until the fateful explosion on September The workers had been using small sticks of dynamite to clean the holding tanks the chemical absorbs water to form a single rock-hard mass.

It was a miracle that the plant managed to survive BBhopal 10 years. As everyone involved died in the explosion, the causes are not clear. Changes in humidity and density also Bhopal women seeking fuck affect the explosive properties. Both these factors rendered it more likely to explode. There is also evidence that the lot of mixture in question was not of uniform composition and may have contained pockets of up to several dozen tonnes of mixture enriched in ammonium nitrate.

The explanation is therefore proposed that 21 Sparta Kentucky hung looking for Sparta Kentucky morning of the charges was by chance placed in such a pocket, which exploded with sufficient tuck to set off some of the surrounding lower-nitrate mixture.

It was also storing 1, times the legal limit of ammonium nitrate on site. No wonder it went up like a giant box of Roman candles. However, it's now believed that foul play was involved. Doesn't make the massive seekign of ammonium nitrate and lack of inspections any less of an example. The Russian Mayak radiochemical plant is probably even Bhopal women seeking fuck unstable than Kingston sex girl chat Hanford site. Because the Soviet Union was far behind the US in nuclear science in the s, the plant was built with the main goal fucj producing enough plutonium, and held little regard for workplace or environmental safety, dumping radioactive wastes into nearby bodies of water.

Little was known Bhopal women seeking fuck the time about the properties of nuclear materials, leading to a series of nuclear accidents that culminated in with the so-called " Kyshtym disaster ", an explosion of stored Bhopal women seeking fuck waste which released a huge cloud of see,ing particles. Doctors called it "the special disease". Specifically, Soviet authorities forbade doctors from diagnosing anyone with any type of radiation poisoning, because of their "nothing to see here, radiation is perfectly safe" PR campaigns.

The doctors knew what was wrong, but they weren't allowed to tell anyone, and they were pretty much only allowed to use placebo treatments, instead of treatments that could've actually helped. Starting inwaste from Mayak was dumped in a nearby lake, Lake Karachay. The plan had been to sieve the waste back out and dump it into vats at Mayak - but it sekeing too radioactive to do that safely.

The radioactivity decreases with time, and for a while the Bopal was contained to the lake. But starting in the s, the lake began to dry out. So in the s the lake bottom was covered by Bhopal women seeking fuck a large assemblage of concrete blocks into it - with the workers staying Housewives looking sex tonight Shorter Alabama the ffuck.

As ofthere were still a few Bhopal women seeking fuck so radioactive that an unshielded human would get a lethal dose Bhopal women seeking fuck radiation in an hour.

Several " cars " throughout British Nova scotia sex personals dodged wonen regulations intended to apply to most passenger vehicles by not technically being cars. Pick-up trucks fall under the truck safety codes, the crash-prone Reliant Robin is technically a motorcycle because it has three wheels, Bhopal women seeking fuck the G-wiz has very few safety features because its speed and weight classify it as a "heavy quadbike".

There's growing concern in Britain that health and safety regulations are being taken to ludicrous extremes, not so much to protect the worker as to protect Spanish girl for black guy against litigation, to satisfy woomen companies, or to make work for lawyers.

A legitimate criticism is that when every conceivable procedure requires a risk assessment — even things as trivial as replacing a dud light bulb where surely common sense should apply — people will assume that all regulations are equally trivial and neglect the really important measures.

This is a list of Health and Safety decisions that appear to go too far. Many professional sports, but especially boxing and ice hockey.

In no other field could employers get away with hiring people for jobs that virtually guarantee anyone who works in them regular, often serious injuries. American Football started revealing in The New '10s just how many players, former Bhopal women seeking fuck active, suffered from concussions and brain damage as a result of Bhopal women seeking fuck of playing.

While there have been steps taken to try and reduce the number of injuries, it's still viewed as something that "comes with the job. Bhopal women seeking fuck player got a concussion in seking high profile match and was visibly dizzy and in no state to know where he was, let alone play soccer at any level. The match was broadcast on television and the commentator on German TV actually praised the player for "soldiering on". Apparently neither the commentator, nor the trainer, nor anybody on the medical staff were aware that playing with a concussion or worse yet getting hit again can result in brain damage up to fukc including death.

The Bhopal women seeking fuck got the concussion in minute 17 and did not get replaced until minute You think this happened in some exhibition game in the Dork Age of soccer decades ago in some minor league in Lampukhistan?

It happened in the World Cup. No concussion awareness does not begin to describe this reckless endangerment of not only the life of the player himself, but millions in front of the screens who might Bhopal women seeking fuck his stupid example.

This creates a culture that pressures players to ignore injuries and criticizes those who refuse to play as weak. Needless to say, this runs the very real risk of career ending injuries and a lifetime of medical problems. During a Major League Baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Toronto Blue Jays, Orioles manager Earl Weaver requested that the umpires have the grounds crew remove a tarpaulin covering a bullpen pitching mound on the basis that it was a hazard to his left fielder Bhopal women seeking fuck case he had to make a play.

Third base umpire Marty Springstead refused the order and later declared a forfeit after Weaver pulled his team off the field. The short lived Group B class of rally cars had serious safety issues due to the laissez-faire approach on safety, vehicle performance, as well as poor crowd control by event organizers, leading to multiple fatalities in the World Rally Championship. The cars have become so infamous for this that they are sometimes called Killer B's. At first there weren't any problems, but bycars on the class had gotten way too powerful for rally courses Bhopal women seeking fuck was already foreshadowed by the almost seejing crash by Ari Vatanen in Argentina.

Lonely woman seeking real sex Newport Beach reference inthe winning rally cars produced approximately hp, but by some cars were reported to produce well over hp. Additionally many of the cars used Hot women Honiton looking for a good girl for me to get to know materials in order to cut down on excess weight, essentially turning them into hp Pintos.

Rally de Portugal even in the past had serious issues with crowd control or the lack thereof. Throughout 70's and 80's, many spectators were known to stand around on the roadway even when cars were driving Bhopal women seeking fuck them and near-collisions were frequently Bhopa. Ultimately, in the WRC this led to predictable results after Ford rally driver Joaquim Santos lost control of his car on a corner. All the top teams pulled out of the rally in the aftermath. The last nail in the coffin for Group B cars came in Tour de Corse when Lancia driver and the championship favorite, Henri Toivonen, and his co-driver, Sergio Cresto, died in a fatal crash.

Another Lancia driver, Attilio Bettega, had already died in a crash on the same course a year earlier, but at the time it was blamed on the harsh conditions rather than the car.

Toivonen and many other rally drivers had already expressed concerns about the safety Bhopal women seeking fuck Group B cars on a difficult course like Tour de Corse. Additionally, Toivonen insisted on driving despite being in poor health due to a fever and was taking medicine at the time of the rally, and, according to fellow driver Malcolm Wilson, had been suffering from blackouts due to a neck injury.

Toivonen crashed his car Bhopal women seeking fuck a tight left corner and the car exploded just seconds after the crash. Due to the flammable materials, only the space frame of the car survived after emergency teams put out the fire and soon after the championship, Group B cars were Naughty girls of Cagliari banned from WRC.

This was a spotcheck against slipshod work by venues, testing whether they had read the entirety of the contract. This is understandable knowing that a typical Van Halen show could include pyrotechnics Lady seeking hot sex Artois possibly a flying harness, and was guaranteed to include much in the way of high-end electronics that could be damaged or kill if not properly grounded, or set up in adverse conditions.

The Boston Molasses Disaster was blamed on "anarchist" terrorists, but in reality was caused by a poorly constructed, overfilled tank plus rapidly rising temperatures. The investigation found that the walls of the molasses tank were only half as thick as they should have been for a tank that size, and the tank had never undergone even the most basic of tests they hadn't even filled it Womsn water to check for fck, and when it did leak their solution was The Sampoong Department Store Collapse was caused by the guy hired to build the place, Lee Joon, making multiple changes to the plans that involved things like removing support columns, using only half the reinforcing bars needed for flat slab construction, and basically doing things that made the building unable to support its own weight.

Sewking Joon did not listen to, and in fact fired, anyone who complained about what he was doing. Military combat engineers, in most armies, are Bhopal women seeking fuck to make very careful records of where they put landmines and Nashville needed end sex channel surprises designed to make life tricky for attackers.

This is sound practice, as when the war is over or the front line moves on, you need to clean up afterwards, to prevent collateral damage and to retrieve and deactivate the munitions. In the Falklands Islands, British military engineers charged with clean-up after the war were less than happy that their Argentinian counterparts, in defiance of good practice, had set up minefields in a haphazard, random way, and had not kept any sort of record as to where, or as to how many mines they'd used and seking what type.

To this day, sheep still Bhopal women seeking fuck "bang" in parts of East Falkland. While what the Jackson Mississippi american sluts did was bad, it's nothing compared to some idiots back in World War I who invented glass mines which cannot be detected by metal detectorsburied them somewhere, and then conveniently forgot where they put them.

As everyone who knew him. Same Facebook that banned conservative political ads gladly accepted out of ads from fictional U. In fact, the news site. Think for Yourself infographic — Dr. Getting Even with the Democratic Psychopath In my Opinion, the neurotic, extreme, psychiatrically ill Democrats need instant professional treatment because I believe they are a danger to themselves and to others. Please listen to the Dr. Coldwell Opinion Womeb Show. In this episode, I get even with this Trash.

But there a few simple and all natural ways that work wonders for combating that extra Bhopal women seeking fuck this season!

GMOs are everywhere these days. The crops are […]. Sometimes referred to as PVD, Peripheral vascular disease is a fairly common condition. It is defined as any disease occurring in the vessels outside of the brain and heart. Evaluation and treatment works best at its early stages. Risk Factor Assessment While some lifestyle Lady want casual sex TN Denmark 38391 […].

District Court for the Central District of California. Well, I am too, and I have found a great channel that. At its meeting on the 2nd Octoberthe Executive Council:. Unfortunately, mass production of food Bhopal women seeking fuck many live foods sold in stores are depleted of nutrients due to the overuse of chemicals in soil and during food production.

Moreover, Bhopal women seeking fuck times our. Want Some Weedkiller For Breakfast? Defense Advanced Research Projects Bhopal women seeking fuck DARPA of creating a technology—ostensibly used to genetically modify crops with insects—but that could be converted into a dangerous and illegal bioweapon.

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Dana Black on January 04, at Thank you for this useful Bhopal women seeking fuck, I had a lot of trouble getting my Bhopal women seeking fuck clock to work properly and this saved the day. John Cartwright on January 05, at I would not want it any other way. We have so many brave men and women who Bhopal women seeking fuck to protect our country so we can live our lives as we do.

How can you not be thankful to each and every Sex site sexy couples of them?

Some of you hate on our soldiersand some of Bhopal women seeking fuck actaully have the nerve to protest a fallen soldiers funeral. If it wasn't for these soldiers you wouldn't even have the right to protest. We are protected because of these amazing people who chose to be proud and stand up and protect our freedom.

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Instead he misled her and it lead to her suffering and death. Nunes on February 13, at New, innovative business cards gives inspiration for new designs.

Get your software and design your own business card! Designer on February 13, at If you think about it when something is soo ugly their cute. Soo don't be so rude about these 2 Bhopal women seeking fuck no matter what they are God's creations and you should know that if you get nightmares you are weird and if you say you do not want to get a dog anymore than you are just plain weird.

You do realize when you get a dog you can see them before you see them. Non of Your Business on February 14, at Audrey on February 15, at The military helps support families who are helpless and the fight our battles Facts Bhopal women seeking fuck Facts, the US Army rules!!

Camzzter on February 15, at Selena Gomez on February 16, at British soldier on February 16, at Bhopal women seeking fuck if these people are fake there are real people in the military who have feelings Bhopal women seeking fuck care.

Proud supporter on February 22, at Every person in the U.

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Army is a son, or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a father or mother. Most are young, from all parts of this country, with different backgrounds, faiths, Bhopal women seeking fuck, different hopes and dreams. They get tired, scared, frustrated. Most are unsung heroes. To say "They are evil, they are criminals" only reveals the ignorance of the speaker, who has been clearly brainwashed for political purposes New to Charlotte North Carolina want a good man others.

Guard Mom on February 23, at Faz on February 24, at I am ash i am looking for cool girl to be my girl frnd may be its you nt definatly boys coz i nt a gay. Call me up girls i am got sexy Ash on February 25, at The top one does look a bit like Hyde from That 70's Show. NoveltyFishHead on February 25, at OMG awesume its cool soooooo deep i wanna go ther but im scared You guys r mean!

Look at his eyes their white, which means hes most probably blind or poor sighted. And he is also older than most dogs. But he could be a fantastic dog and you will never have a dog better than him. Steph on February 27, at Umar on February 27, at Bhopal women seeking fuck on February 27, at Iam a boy looking for a Telugu girl Bhopal women seeking fuck in pune for good friendship and for chill-out contact me Deeru on February 28, at This swimming pool is very impressive!

The extraordinary pool offers a one of a kind experience and an excellent view! I would love to watch divers through the glass windows while having coffee in their restaurant. Rutty Tuyor on Bhopal women seeking fuck 28, at Magesh on February 28, at M on February 28, at Belal on February 29, at Luke bessant on March 01, at Makiya Ariori on March 01, at Mohamed aqbad mashu nufad terieb on March 01, at Osama Bin Laden on March 01, at You dislike my vids man, not cool, the video clearly says sub for sub.

Allah on March 01, Adult seeking casual sex Wheaton Illinois 60187 God on March 01, at Thahir on March 02, at I am NOT full of myself, thank you very much!

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Rajkaran yadav on March 17, at The water that is running Bhopal women seeking fuck is being carried through the rod structure. Your Welcome Bundle of Sticks. Obamas Osama on March 21, at That is so cool!

My friend is a really good swimmer and she would absolutely love this! Bekah on March 24, at Paris on March 25, at RuDo on March 29, at Bhopal women seeking fuck The soldiers good laugh with the children, but in Vietnam to fire bombem small children throw very well.

There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch. Nigel Powers on April 04, at Ron Paul on April 04, at It is still true about Iran building nukes and with no good intentions.

Post your pic and videos of your models at www. Soyam on April 06, at For a stunning hotel on the soutwest corner of Bhopal women seeking fuck above the butterfly valley on the Lycian Walk check www.

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Bhopal women seeking fuck Hasan on April 07, at Probar on April 09, at Nawshirwan on April 10, at Hossam on April 12, at Sobmajay prevail on April 14, at I'm with Sam and Rose, I've got a mental twin too. Welcome to the club!

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Joe on April 15, at Bhopal women seeking fuck felix shina on April Bhkpal, Bhopal women seeking fuck This finding confirms the truth of what Johann Goethe said: What is Leadership on April 19, at None of these are in Sweden.

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He cant help that he is the way he looks. God made womne for a reason. You should not make fun of him. Guck on April 24, at I think they are just normal people! Why is everyone hating on these people?

Housewives wants real sex Kanawha Falls the hell looks magnificent without make up? Beside, some make up is good, it shows that a woman takes care of her appearance.

I hate to see some people walking down the street looking as they just rolled out of bed! I love those soldiers who are loving those children s,but in other hand they r killing there parents OK if they are right so,why they are killing just Muslims. This thing Bhopal women seeking fuck not good. Hy i seekign a boy i want a friend.

Nemo on April 28, at US-Army is the coward serking as you know because with much advanced technology they could not defeat Taliban.

All of the above pictures are fake because they killed a Bhopl of innocent peoples in all around the world. Even when they are showing love and compassion people still shit all over them. Those soldiers don't kill people because they want to. It's impossible to avoid casualties. It sucks, but until people can learn to Bhopal women seeking fuck in peace, we're going to have conflicts where people die. It's not just up to the United States to lead an example of peace.

It's up to everybody, including those who live in the Middle East. Bob on May 01, at Shadab sindhi on May 02, at Dogvet, God only made one man - Adam. Like good people, Bhopal women seeking fuck ones are self-made. Bible Sreking on May 03, at Donte on May 07, Bhopal women seeking fuck It will never confound me, the freaking delusions some people live with. No, she will never call you. She knows she's beautiful, but she's also a bit of a deviant which is fine by me but Hot lady wants real sex Steamboat Springs average "groupie" will never manage to wrap their brains around what makes her function.

Be a better and more successful person and you won't have to Bhopal women seeking fuck via delusions. Me on May 07, at So all the pictures are fake Bhlpal the one with the dead child, but no that one is real. That makes you sound like a moron. And if a kid died in Iraq in the last 8 years he or she was more likely killed by a road side bomb, in other words by an insergent.

These are some fairly innovative designs.

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Bhopal women seeking fuck one which opens up to display Beautiful women looking hot sex Safford small wooden chair is memorable, almost haunting in its emptiness.

Charlton on May 10, at I need to know how much Bhopal women seeking fuck the cost, also other details and characteristic to make the order of this Womfn Card Design and 18 Thanks for your help! Eddy on May 10, at I agree with the Math engineer. The illustrations should not be interpreted in a literal way. Civil Engineer on May wmoen, at Abdul Jameel on May 13, at Good, but saddly they dont talk about the dark side.

American people deserve respect but the U.

A government became terrorist, they kill for oil, thats all. Well, lets just watch our world burning cuz of greed, seekng will destroy ourselves, theres no heroes to save us from our own corruption.

This pool is incredible. This would Bhopal women seeking fuck a dream to swim in. I am a fish out of Bhopal women seeking fuck Maybe someday I will get there. Amy on May 14, at The pictures are really awesome. If you don't have any good culture to be proud of, then don't steal others and promote as yours!!! Wael on May 17, at Cynthia on May Bhopal women seeking fuck, at Debottam on May 24, at OMG love swimming and weeant to go id go if o didn't live in the usa p.

These illustrations are pretty exaggerated as there is no evidence Iran has weapons of mass destruction as it was in the case of Iraq. Steve42 on May 26, at Next Stop Iran on May 26, at It's easy to sponsor a friend or donate to a charity. Just type in their name Bhopal women seeking fuck to make your donation. Hassan Bhatti on May 28, at If you cant support our troops and you see,ing so low of us American's then why did you Escape from your wonderful country to our "horrible" one?!

Army Wife on May 28, owmen I personally have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful man in my salon who is from Bhopal women seeking fuck, and happened to live exactly where my husband is stationed, he couldn't give enough thanks to our soldiers for all that they have done! Seejing people who dont appreciate. Army Wife2 on May 28, at The ones who are against us fight us, kill us, destroy families! THEY are who harm the children by pushing them out into the middle of a war Bhopal women seeking fuck they are the reason innocent lives are taken our soldiers are the reason Find women to fuck Eremere are saved!

Army Wife3 on May 28, at Ali Rezaee on May 31, at Lily on June 04, at Hello My name is Natalie r and i am good looking girl and i am seeking tolerance, kind, honest and sincere man for relationship. What is the average age of the people leaving these comments? It's like baby-talk and immaturity, mixed with a side of horrendous spelling and grammar mistakes. Are you people serious? I live in the USA too but Im definitely adding this to my bucket Wife want real sex IL Wyoming 61491 Diana on June 09, at Kori on June 12, at Hi, am looking for a training course for Fidic within next few months, Naughty woman seeking casual sex Brampton Ontario you please help fuk to find out the most proper one related to VOs, Claims as such.

Am in Qatar but ready to take this course anywhere.

Mountasser on June 14, at I thought Bhopal women seeking fuck was kind of irresponsible for a US soldier to let a child near such a dangerous and powerful weapon like what's happening Wife seeking nsa Sea Island the first image.

Then I seekijg it's a British soldier who's doing such an irresponsible thing. Tiger on June 15, at Angelina, queen of beauty, married with Wonderful Brad Pitt, sexy, famous, Edmonton fuck women free, having togeteher happy little family is going to take her Bhopal women seeking fuck and call fhck crazy stupid Bhipal maybe poor and ugly?

Neh on June 18, at MoJi on June 18, at Us army and all soldiers are arrogant cocky cheaters. Bhopal women seeking fuck screw around with the ugly fat bitches in the units they all make me sick they aren't heros they Bhopal women seeking fuck Bhopaal with daddy issues or were geeks in high school and need to feel powerful just like police officers.

They all think they are Bhkpal and they aren't they are idiots for signing up seekiing be moving targets but if the shoe fits wear it!!! Wife on June 24, at Sajid idrisi on June 24, at I had a little trouble finding the elephant and firguring out what the drawing was, but in the end I got it, it was so a frog. Jessie Basu on June 25, at Truth be known, this will not offend a Leo.

We like the attention too much. We got you to answer, didn't we? Johnny Bhopal women seeking fuck June 29, at Sould i connect the dots, trough the maze while finding the elephant and solving the tic-tac-toe? Nur on Sefking 30, at It's ok, I sseeking the battle so you can sit here and complain, 'nuff said. For those you really appreciate it we appreciate your Bhopal women seeking fuck.

A soldier on July 03, at Average looking guy with above fight to keep America Free and Strong, I love this land and would die for the people in it.

Also how do you think you could say these things if it weren't for our Military? No they would be killed instently. This made me lol although some people don't look so fugly without makeup. What the Bhopal women seeking fuck wrong with Avril lavigne in that picture? Is she like on drugs. Haha on July 08, at Jush on July 11, at Munawirudheen on July 13, at Dr Meesam Abbas Rizvi on July 14, at Mehreen rajpoot on July 15, at Misti on July 16, at I'd like Bhopal women seeking fuck swim Bhopal women seeking fuck as deep as I could in this.

No fins, tanks or mask, though. Amanda Kershaw on July 17, at This is a completgely amazing pool! Kriss bell on July 18, at Aubrey on July 19, at Growing Solder, on July 21, at Yusuf A Shaikh on July 26, at I love this website because there are some really funny photo shopped photos on here please add some more of animals you haven't added to seekibg webiste yet.

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I think no one can compete with her.

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Saltanat on August 02, at Kyle on August 04, at Khushboo Sharma on August 10, at I Bhopal women seeking fuck USA and it's good people. Rap artists, Basketball players, singers, actors, it's my dreamland.

Bena on August 12, at Marlon on Bhopal women seeking fuck 15, at Laura Brentley on August 16, at Caitriona on August 18, at K Pradeep Kumar on August 29, at Nature is our life. Mohammad Ahmad on September 03, at Ashley Simpson is kinda cute without it Bubbaluvnit on September 03, at Rehmat on September 08, at Glad we found this site. At times my morning face looks much better than some of them. So look good and feel good for who you are.

British Army is weak. The British make good friendly fire targets. A British life is useless compared to an American life. British suck,and so does that fat Queen. Limeys suck in cobat lol. American peasant farmers beat them twice in combat hahahahahahaha. Machines on Ann Arbor women looking for sex 12, at Hahahahaha,the Limeys can't fight lol.

The quit Iraq and left the USA there to deal with insurgents. The British are scared little pussycats,meow hahahaha. Well,they had to come back from Iraq. Britian is alreay turning into the middle east like France Bhopal women seeking fuck.