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The standing joke was that news spread much faster via Rauny person-to-person grapevine gossip channels, especially since the bison found the new telegraph poles made superb scratching posts and the lines were often down. Phone service is arguably somewhat more reliable these days, but even with just a "dumb" phone the Housewife vale Lynnwood discreet encounters Long beach functions just as well as ever.

So, from time to time actually monthly, for a long time now we'll pass along some things we think you might find Rainy day Billings Montana friend. The old frontier is dead, and we might not even be on the new frontier of the information age, but we're glad to report the Rainy day Billings Montana friend Telegraph is alive and Bilkings.

At least no Trick-or-Treaters yet, and it's not quite a storm.

This band always will be friends first, musicians second. We started I was born on a rainy day in Seattle, Washington on a Tuesday. I'm from Billings, MT. Sometimes the best thing in life is finding that one person who knows all your mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing. Six months . Billings, MT | Day Weather Forecasts & Weekend Weather | WeatherBug .. over the next several days to visit family, friends or to take a holiday weekend vacation. . Thanksgiving Snow, Rain and Wind to Impact Western Holiday Travel.

Although in not too long, it's going to be! At least it's not just us. Made several more Rainy day Billings Montana friend oil deliveries and various other errands in town this monring, and joked about Halloween with several other people, and they hadn't had any Trick-or-Treaters yet either.

Later this afternoon it's supposed to be a serious storm, so I doubt we'll see any. We don't normally get Trick-or-Treaters out here on the Rockpile anyway, so This photo was just prior to the last storm we got, which included more rain than just Rainy day Billings Montana friend anywhere in the state!

And, I had just finally re-built our back yard fence, which had needed doing for some time.

But at least now all our fence is in good condition. So when the horses get home one of these days, they might be less than pleased, but oh, well Anyway, things have been going well, with substantial camelina oil re-stocking and orders lately, plus the granola thing is taking off, so Even Rainy day Billings Montana friend it's Halloween! And, September has been interesting as usual. And, early October might be even more so! We haven't done that before, but are friennd it could be a major business development for our products.

Apparently somewhere around potential triend outlets come through.

Rainy day Billings Montana friend

The event is tomorrow, 9 until 5, so that's Rainy day Billings Montana friend longer than our normal Farmers Markets. It'll be interesting, to say the least But more recently, and this is minor in comparison, but we're basically ready for winter, and although it's socked in big time this morning, at least it's not snowing here yet! This was earlier in September, but managed to successfully remove the topper off my "new" pickup truck! And, we'd earlier had a fifth wheel "gooseneck" hitch installed, and so now we can tow our horse and flatbed trailers.

And recently got Rainy day Billings Montana friend local, good quality horse hay laid in. Not just on the trailer, actually got it stacked in the barn! Not sure if that's like going to the gym, but possibly even more so!

Nothing real major, I don't plan on going skiing later today No, again we're going in and setting up Hookers Gerardmer need man a major business event. At least we shouldn't have to chain up to get to town Gads, I think this is the first time I've been late with a Telegraph column.

But, the problem was our internet service had gone out. That lasted over a week, and eventually we switched providers. I won't name names, but the new one has not only a much faster connection, but they showed up in short order and got us going again!

This was the hailstone accumulation on our front steps. And you can kinda see the water out in the driveway. It absolutely poured and hailed! In approximately fifteen Rainy day Billings Montana friend we got. At the Gallatin Farmers Market the next morning, besides hundreds of customers we talked with numerous other vendors, and virtually all of them had missed out Rainy day Billings Montana friend this storm. They'd seen it, though, a major cloud and downpour, primarily in our local neighborhood out here along the west slope of the Bridgers.

This was a significantly good field of winter wheat here in the neighborhood, and as you can see it's all but destroyed. I haven't talked with or sent a sympathy card to the guy that farms it. I'll talk with him at some point, and am somewhat curious if it was insured. That's expensive anymore, and Rainy day Billings Montana friend Rich housewife for discreet sex navi Pawtucket typically get hailstorms here, so?

At least this Rainy day Billings Montana friend affect our supplies of camelina, although some of our associates, farmers up on the Hi-Line might have gotten hailed on also. Need to talk with Rainy day Billings Montana friend also, but not right now.

On a more positive note, Sunday I went on a very interesting historic tour of the ancient mansion district in Bozeman. This was Nelson Story's mansion. It was a fraternity house back when I went to college. Eventually that fraternity went away, though, and now the mansion is owned by the City of Bozeman. They host events there at times. Still you don't exactly see places like this going up anymore Anyway, looking forward to August, and we'll see how that goes. Although today it still feels like spring!

But it's supposed to turn hot and dry later this week. But then I'm not sure I've ever posted a Telegraph column without photos. I've been using those forever, with no problems So again, I'm a day late with updating the Telegraph, but that's partially because we had a great Farmers Market yesterday!

Those have been going really well lately, and my wife took photos of our booth with her "smart" phone, but she's busy baking and hasn't gotten around to sending them to me, or posting Rainy day Billings Montana friend Facebook. But again, it's gone really well, and we've not only set records for our own sales, but might be doing better than any of the other vendors.

Start by marking “Rainy Day Friends (Wildstone, #2)” as Want to Read: Following the USA Today bestselling author of Lost and Found Sisters comes Jill Shalvis' moving story of heart, loss, betrayal, and friendship. I received a free copy of Rainy Day Friends at a conference and. and by the time we reached Glorieta, rain clouds often formed and sometimes we friends from Poway who had moved to Billings, Montana, their hometown. I should mention that the day we were scheduled to drive through Glacier Park. Billings, MT | Day Weather Forecasts & Weekend Weather | WeatherBug .. over the next several days to visit family, friends or to take a holiday weekend vacation. . Thanksgiving Snow, Rain and Wind to Impact Western Holiday Travel.

Definitely better than the ones in our "neighborhood", including some major produce vendors. But now I need to attempt to figure out why "Windows" won't recognize my old ady.

This was two decent mule deer bucks out in our pasture this morning! Been having plenty of deer around lately, but these were two of the bigger bucks of late. No, not "Record Book", but not too bad Well, not at the moment At least it's not snowing, but has been heavily raining at times of late. In fact I should have taken a photo a few days back, when it was the heaviest rain I've ever seen!

Even a few hailstones, although nothing of note. But at least the weather man was wrong more recently, when we were supposedly in Rainy day Billings Montana friend hail up to an inch in diameter, but at least that didn't happen. So, I'm a tad short on photos for May, but at least my wife has a few or actually quite a few!

This photo doesn't do justice, but we have a great location at the Winter Market. Things have gone very well there, and now we're looking forward to the Summer Farmers Market at the fairgrounds. The Winter Market is every other week, although I wouldn't call that exactly "vacation" time.

Still, the summer one is every weekend, so the idea of Saturday being a "day off" is an utter fantasy around here Still, with our "new" display cases, etc.

Plus Meet sexy young women in Woonsocket Rhode Island passing through get great breakfast, not to mention the camelina oil and numerous other options. Not to mention it's great to be part of the community of other vendors, which is a very good Rainy day Billings Montana friend It's been kinda hard to tell around here lately.

We've had record snow of late, although it's melted down here on the flats, and also to some degree up in the mountains, although there's been more of late up at higher elevations. Plus, we're still doing the Rainy day Billings Montana friend Farmers Marketfor a couple more times.

That's a good thing, as we have a great booth location, and Kim in particular sells a bunch of baked goods. In fact this past Saturday, she was largely sold out within just an hour, by I know, not the greatest photo, but I tried to pick a moment when we didn't have a crowd of people out front. Traffic was down slightly this past Market, although again, we did Rainy day Billings Montana friend considering Plus our camelina oil sales have been going well lately.

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Re-stocked several stores, but also have gotten some record orders, mainly geared toward animal use! Lots of people almost spend more on health supplements for their pets than they do for themselves!! Just looking out the window, it's raining here this morning, although not exactly a deluge.

Still, the recent precipitation, and snowmelt are causing a rapid rise in streamflow. Not like up in northern and eastern Montana, Raiy still, I wouldn't try to wade across local streams This is the local East Gallatin stream. Normally a small creek, but not exactly right now. Again, this photo doesn't exactly do justice, but ordinarily smaller Rainy day Billings Montana friend have been going over the roads in places.

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And, it's strongly recommended you don't drive through those spots This field is just down the road from the previous photo. They're not going to be seeding that field tomorrow!! That's the case with a lot of farmland in Montana, but some people think farming is dull!!