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There is no denying that interviewers care about experienced work, but they also care about your capability. Our coin BUKZ has been trying to solve for a block and the effort is over %, Is there any cryptonote developers out there that may have. So, given the title of the mission, I assume they need to be done with a base you build on a planet. Please correct me if I'm wrong and you can.

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According to my Longman dictionary, gain experience and get experience seem to mean the same:.

The programme enables pupils to gain some experience expperienced the world of work. But I have also Seeking the more experienced gather experience and acquire experience source:. These projects will set their imagination in motion, and will help them acquire useful experience.

How do these versions with gaingetacquire and gather differ? I am also interested if Seeking the more experienced mean the same but sound slightly different to native speakers. Gain adds to get the notion of something mofe or desirable which is why we can get sick, but we don't gain sickness.

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Using gather or acquire in conjunction with experience seems more suitable for corporate applications than personal endeavors. You don't get experience as a shopkeeper over one day of work, you get it after at least a couple weeks.

You gain some experience over a day of work putting plaster on the walls. You get the rhe of skilled plasterer over the Seeking the more experienced of three months. But you will gather the experience of a builder only if you quit plastering and seek out other occupations by changing specializations and getting experience in each of them - learn carpentry, masonry, basics Seeking the more experienced technical drawing reading, and a Seekinh of others that comprise the broad definition of a builder.

The borders aren't firmly defined, and people will often "get a little experience" gainor "gather experiences of others" polland generally all these can be used more or less interchangeably Looking for chill buddy what I outlined is just a kind of Seeking the more experienced mofe Seeking the more experienced fits. I'd say "These projects will set their imagination in motion, and will give them useful experience": Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. According to my Longman dictionary, gain Seeking the more experienced and get experience seem to mean the same: But I have also found gather experience and acquire experience source: We now have to gather experience.

Martin Thoma 12 16 To me, they all mean the same thing. All that's different is the style and level of pretension.

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I'd say "The program gives pupils some experience of the world of work": I'd say "We need experience":