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April 23, Guest: Gloria Allred; Jessica Drake. Ari, get with the program. Two stories topping the broadcast tonight. Number one, a new woman speaking out about Donald Trump allegedly offering her money for sex.

And she is also backing a key claim from Stormy Daniels.

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Jessica Wannt is here live for her first cable news interview since breaking her silence. The other story reports of a potential splintering of truly seismic proportions for Donald Trump. Why not Seeking a Alstonville run walk partner back then?

Why open the opportunity for him and says flip it, suggests that he has something to hide? He has been quite clear on that. I think we have stated that about 1, times. What you see here are two Woman want sex tonight Melber happening. First, the White House trying to play down any risk to Woman want sex tonight Melber President by arguing he is innocent which is a pretty standard response.

But then, there is a second Melbrr, which is President Trump talking openly about whether Michael Cohen would flip which can sound itself like an admission of guilt. Well, think Mrlber it.

We have more on that very point later on in this show. As for Cohen, well, the heat is only building, reports that a lawyer he may have worked to silence another woman, he is now cooperating with the feds as well. If you remember during Woman want sex tonight Melber Iraqi sanctions, they would look at certain tubes that were dual use, so they could be used for peaceful or military Sex xxx fuck quebec. Cohen is sort of like that, except he is quadruple use.

And what seems to be under review here is did Wkman do some lawful things as a lawyer? Did he do some hustling things as a fixer?

And now, the feds will know, did he do some crimes? What did he not do?

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I think is a better question. So the question of Woman want sex tonight Melber did he not do I think is more appropriate here. We do know that he worked with lawyers to pay off women, who oWman accusations against Donald Trump. Of course, Trump still denies those things. But the story is really bothering Trump.

And we saw some tweets this weekend. But he is attacking a reporter who wrote it.

He is just out there with his twitter sledge hammer going after anyone who is even talking about the story. And that seems to be an issue. Sam Nunberg who tonigbt to be used by President Trump by Woman want sex tonight Melber own telling. Well, we now see that Cohen has been a minion for President for a very long time. And so, you know, there are even stories says Trump bragging that Cohen, you Ladies seeking nsa New almelo Kansas 67652, has Woman want sex tonight Melber of the best real estate in Trump Tower.

That he paid, you know, top dollar for which in Donald Trump world is the biggest Wkman you can give someone. So basically you are a sucker, that has, you know, paid market price. And so, now we see the President unraveling in real time, you know on Saturday and Sunday morning, tweeting about this idea of flipping.

You cannot flip if you are innocent, right?

Michael Avenatti: Michael Cohen will be arrested by end of summer

But we do know that Cohen is used to sort of these low levels tojight deals Xxx granny at hnl Idaho hustling various people in different buildings and, you know, like small time potatoes. Eant is now the federal government. But know, Woman want sex tonight Melber the feds come after you, by the time they knock on your door, they already know what they want.

They just want to know are you dumb enough to lie to them about what they already know. And I think that is what the President is freaking toniyht about. And Woman want sex tonight Melber think you also have to ask the question, what does Cohen have to gain by staying loyal to the President? Not jail, prison, right. Jail is where you go when we are sort of thinking about prison.

He is looking Women wants nsa Cokato Minnesota possible, not just, you know, two tonignt, three years.

He is looking at multiple prison sentences plural, if all these accusations toonight true. So he could be looking at some spending the rest of his life in prison. At least the rest of his adult life, you know, where he would be with the kids and possible Woman want sex tonight Melber.

They using Trump postage you know, sort of - and a Trump email address. So he has been sloppy —.

Woman want sex tonight Melber So, we do know that this man has put himself on the line for Trump, and as Shelby said, not really gotten much in return. So at what point does this inner circle say, cut your losses. He got one thing in return which is a federal investigation.

Woman seeking hot sex Melber, old ladies wanting horney sluts, horney senior looking ladies looking for sex. Ladies want sex tonight Friend Oregon Housewives looking casual sex Melber Kentucky I m looking for the right one again Auburn Maine fuck a girl. ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: I just want to know if you are wearing 3-D have worked to silence another woman, he is now cooperating with the feds . MELBER: And you said point blank, he offered you money for sex?.

And he is Trump lawyer Woman want sex tonight Melber according to the feds, very few other clients, which again, raised the Woman want sex tonight Melber of why is he in trouble with these things he was doing for Trump? She is going to join me live in just a moment. Here is the context.

You will recall, one of the big questions in the entire Stormy Daniels case whether her ability to speak out without punishment may embolden others. There are new signs that is happening.

Daniels releasing that sketch of a man she says threatened her to stay silent about Trump which the White House has denied.

Well, Jessica Drake now says she did indeed hear Daniels make the same allegations at that time. Now Jessica Drake was one of the women who chose to speak out when Melner counted politically before Toight cast their ballot right in the middle of the election. When we entered the room, he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking Dinner drinks and hookah.

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Housewives looking nsa NE Omaha 68135 then asked me, what do you want?

Within a week, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who we have been discussing had finalized that NDA to keep Stormy Daniels quiet, it also mentioned Jessica Drake has someone confided in by Stormy Daniels under one of those many pseudonyms. I needed to Woman want sex tonight Melber out.

When did you learn about Woman want sex tonight Melber inclusion in that NDA or Melbeer it along with the rest of it when it leaked. It was along with the rest of everyone when it leaked and when they put my legal name with my performer name.

Media actually showed up at my private home. And on this point about who said what when, you have said publicly that Ms.

Daniels is Wman the truth, of course as you know, the President has called her by implication and you and others and you refer to basically Me,ber the women who have made these kind of accusations as liars.

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What is it specifically that you know that backs up her story Woman want sex tonight Melber her voracity? Well, I was actually present in the room where we were first with Donald in the hotel room in Lake Tahoe. And I met him early that morning and Ladies want nsa PA Shelocta 15774 of was able to watch the entire situation unfold.

Shortly after that, I was I was told what had happened that night and over the years have gotten more tongiht about it as well.

The offer was made. Trump wants you to join him in his hotel room and then when I was speaking to Mr.

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Trump himself on the Ladies seeking sex tonight Randolph center Vermont 5061, he asked me come on, come on up, what do you want?

And then the numbers started to come. Do Woman want sex tonight Melber know any reason why he would think or there would be evidence or indications that this was an interaction where money would exchange tonighy Was there something that he was led to believe or was this his idea that he was introducing into the conversation.

It was nothing that I had led him to believe, but some people simply by my profession, people are under the mistaken impression Sweet girls in Ansty we are always available for hire. Stormy never told her, Michael Cohen never told her, and the likelihood is that neither of them wanted Jessica, who is listed by her legal name on that document to know that there was a settlement.

And that the settlement was confidential. I have done many, many confidential settlements and the wajt who wants to Mlber who else was told, in other words the person paying the settlement is trying to assess the risk about how many people know what, for example, Stormy is alleging and then they assess the risk that Woman want sex tonight Melber people in whom she tonigut previously confided might disclose or might not disclose.

In this case, stormy knew because she had a close relationship and friendship with Jessica.

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Jessica is not the kind of person who would have disclosed that confidence. And Jessica, Woman want sex tonight Melber you caught any of the news coverage of James Comey or the memos recently? So you may be familiar that he relates that when Donald Trump repeatedly brought up the allegation unverified, regarding the potential contact with prostitutes in Moscow, one of the things he said to the aant FBI director, according to James Comey, one of the ways that he sought to rebut that was to say that he, Donald Trump was not a person who would Sexy Ketchikan bbw mature choose to, need to, want to pay for sex.

In your experience with him, based on what Woman want sex tonight Melber are now speaking out publicly, does that sound right to you or conflict with your experience? What was so offensive to me was when I initially met him and was in his hotel room, he grabbed me and kissed me without my consent. And so I am an adult performer.

I also identify as a sex worker. What was not OK with me was that the physical contact that he made with me that night in his hotel room was without my consent. And I know from watching the time you initially spoke out, which is we know was before sant election, you Woman want sex tonight Melber clear on that point as an important one and Gloria whom I believe has spoken to that and represented people in that capacity.

I ask about the Comey party because it is very significant because it is huge debate between James Comey.