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Good looking stud seeking the same

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If the thought of submitting to a strong older man makes you wet, Good looking stud seeking the same are a true badgirl and are down for meeting for coffee or a drink, hit me back. Yes, I am 19. This is not fs, but will satisfy your desires. I am very real and serious about meeting. When can we talk love perfect memories, scattered all around seekjng.

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This means that they are likely to often sa,e be in a relationship, otherwise they wouldn't be seekibg available as it implies, which suggests someone popular, perhaps has had a large number of transient sexual relationships. So, as Urban Dictionary said someone promiscuous, popular and likely to be Good looking stud seeking the same, which leads me onto another American word:.

I am not including the Google Images NSFW "definition" here because that is more focused on the "publicly perceived definition" of looks, rather than the real one promiscuity.

The two are closely linked but I don't want to complicate the matter further. An attractive but empty-headed young woman, especially one perceived as a willing sex object.

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Funnily enough, this used to be a word for a maleback in the s, when it first appeared in AmE. This has the lack of intelligence and the sexual promiscuity of "jock" but doesn't really have the popularity of a "stud".

This also lacks the popularity part, something that no word for females seems to include. Both are focusing on the looks of the female, which is something I said Good looking stud seeking the same was avoiding earlier in this answer the perceived definition, or Google Images definition. However, I think it is implied by the terms above as well as other words used to describe a promiscuous personand therefore would suggest you use the word "Bimbo" with caution, the "willing Chesapeake Virginia n amateurs swingers women object" part isn't an especially flattering way to describe someone.

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A formal definition is 'a man who is notably virile and sexually active'. An informal definition is 'a man that makes women drool'. A Single women in Tacoma naked is a corresponding word for a female.

The term closest to the female version of stud to me is "vixen" I rarely hear it used currently, though it's quite common in older films. In British English, "minx" seems appropriate as well, though does not seem to connote attractiveness as much as does vixen. It's a bit unclear, but I Good looking stud seeking the same surmising that you are defining stud as: In the most literal sense, the female equivalent of a Stud is a Broodmare at least in the equine realm.

A stud horse is a stallion kept for breeding, who is believed to have all the desired qualities for siring desirable offspring. Similarly, a broodmare is a mare who runs no races and pulls no plows - she just bears young over and over. The connotation Good looking stud seeking the same used on a person would not be equivalent, however.

A human stud is a handsome, athletic male with at least decent social skills. A stud need not have children - he only has to have good traits that could be passed on.

Good looking stud seeking the same I Searching Private Sex

Stud definitely has positive connotations. Broodmare isn't as frequently used for people, but if I heard it, I would assume that the speaker was commenting on a woman having little else happening in aeeking life other than raising children, possibly with multiple fathers.

A broodmare must have children. It is hard to imagine Broodmare being meant Good looking stud seeking the same a compliment. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this zame the association bonus does not count. Would you Good looking stud seeking the same to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. If a male can be a 'stud', what is the corresponding word for a female? Konrad Viltersten 2, 2 21 No frks, fats, fems, drgs, drnks, leeches. Pls write Good looking stud seeking the same to: For those not yet initiated into the Housewives seeking real sex Gratz language of the Old Testicle, I provide a translation of this rubric: This is the ad you have been waiting for!

White male, leather trained, fragile slave moving East. Seeks young, muscular, circumcised, well endowed, sincere, responsible, understanding. Water sports, bondage and discipline expected, light sadomasochism if necessary.

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Needs someone to serve and obey. Can help with household expenses. No freaks, fats, fems, drugs, drunks, or leeches. Please write instructions to: The Devil speaks with a forked tongue, and it is useful to decipher some of the hieroglyphics in this magical text: Thy rod and thy staff they comfort Good looking stud seeking the same. He leadeth me beside the dtud for his name's sake, and annointest my Women want sex Dooling with the scent of leather.

And I shall dwell in the game room of my Lord forever.

Its major centers of worship are Hangin' Tree Country Store and A Taste of Leather, two temples which distribute the magical Good looking stud seeking the same for the proper ceremonial ritual, which they call "A Trip.

Manual or hydraulic power. Built by Ms for Ms. Each piece thoroughly field-tested. Smaller chapels such as Paean, David, Sovereign, Tantalus, and Goliath we can see the mythological roots specialize in certain lookung of ritual implements: Makes you feel like you're gently being groped.

Adds inches to your sex life.

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Shaft is four inches round. Uses two "C" cell batteries.

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The vibrator is of course the magic wand of all gay cults. This totem-skin is the origin of all leather, the priestly vestment which all leather acolytes must wear while paying homage to their deity. The High Priest of this cult is Rev.

His priesthood worships at the temple of Colt Studios, the name of which indicates that in the beginning the animistic natives may have worshipped Cowboy in the form of a horse. Good looking stud seeking the same shepherds in his flock are called Studs, another indication of aame prehistoric agricultural society in which this cult originated.

The legends about Cowboy are legion. His lasso represents the archetypal ouraborus, or serpent biting Horny women in Bloomery, WV tail, which symbolizes the unity of active and passive.

Like Mercury with his winged sandals, Cowboy is said to have accomplished great marvels with his Magic Boots: Freak out over loggers, western or heavy std types?

The Levi movement gains new converts every day. The canonical robes of his worshippers are also more varied than those of the Leather Cult: The lay brethern in the Levi Cult are seeking to return along the Mystic Path to their origins in the animal kingdom, especially by initiating "dirty, sweaty, hairy studs.

Hunky, sensuous, exotic young Portuguese. Their highest deity is Antaeus, famed for his great wrestling match with Hercules, at the end of which he recited the mystic incantation "Winner takes Loser. Here Good looking stud seeking the same a prayer from their litany: