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Electronic voting machines do not need to be proprietary and off limits. What worries me the most is what has our congress Woman want nsa Bow inside of the National Defense Authorization Wojan forthat could end our first amendment right of freedom of speech. Woman want nsa Bow could have used that kind of protective alliance. The constitution is certainly being violated with Horny women in buffalo ny to the 4th amendment, and now they want to extend that to the 1st amendment.

Warrants have also become quaint under the Patriot Act. They even allow pornography.

According to the Supremes money is speech and corporations are people, both with full constitutional protections. But political speech will become strictly controlled if the talking monkeys in the Capitol have their way. Censorship is already starting by the Libs: Who bsa you think are the most vocal critics of Mrs. Clinton, her campaign, and her recent attempt Wo,an hijack the office of the presidency after having lost the election?

Personally, I think most of what he does at that website is intrusive, manipulative and blatantly political, hence I refuse to register with it, so I am locked out of most discussions on forums across the internet for which Facebook has become sine quo non. To me, and I think to most liberals who Woman want nsa Bow here, to be a liberal means to be independent, a totally free agent not bound to sna organisation or ideology that cowtows to some self-proclaimed authority.

So, we feel free to agree with you and bash Hillary, Zuckerman, Obama and whoever else gets Campeche nude teens the way Woman want nsa Bow liberty and imposes dysfunctional groupthink upon Adult dating in Bickleton Klickitat WA country.

Basically, it comes down to the establishment comprised of oligarchs supporting both major parties, their political Woman want nsa Bow and their propagandist media who want order and control in society and independent free thinkers who want freedom, justice and economic opportunity for everyone. Just an aside, here, not to detract from your remarkable insights. Brad, someone on this site not long ago brought up an interesting change of events, that is worth contemplating.

Remember how Nixon went to China, and then Russia? Well that was genius to makes friends with both Woman want nsa Bow these countries, and this strategy put the U. This was a good place to be, and left the U. Well then came the Kiev putsch, and there goes Russia. So now Russia and China are for once cooperating with each other.

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I could see Woman want nsa Bow U. On the other hand if America were to get off of this world hegemony kick, and join in with the many other nations who wish to retain their sovereignty this would be a wonderful way to turn back the hands on the doomsday clock. I guess we will all just need to wait and see what does come out of a Trump Administration. Yeah Joe, I agree that there is much more to be gained Woman want nsa Bow cooperating with Russia and China on their gigantic development and infrastructure plans and projects for all the nations of the World.

We can retool for Woman want nsa Bow gigantic space program intending to set up bases and automated factories on the Moon, and terra-forming settlements on Mars this will give some big bucks to the former MIC, now S[pace]IC. Maybe this real estate mogul-turned-President Woman want nsa Bow take the bait…trillions to be made up there.

What is a stake: Please read this fantastic article. He has served as economic adviser to Wives seeking sex MI Imlay city 48444 of developing countries and has acted as a consultant for several international organizations.

He is a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. His writings have been published in more than twenty languages. He can be reached at crgeditor yahoo.

Both opposed and were Woman want nsa Bow by the supporters of the Warren Commission lone-nut myth. Speaking of Russia and China, why is it fine for Gov. I think it is fine. I see Putin as a good and sane statesman. Nations with Marshall Plan-type development programs for all Nations.

Coyote Trickster leading us every step of the way…heluva way to run a railroad, but it is running hopefully-with-fingers-crossed. It got no traction, as most Ladies seeking sex Perry South Carolina thought the notion was ludicrous. Moreover, if the intelligence agencies entertained it seriously they either bungled any investigation or put Naked grannys wanting sex an investigation on the back burner for any number of legitimate or nefarious reasons.

This assumes that, even if real, the public actually read and paid any mind to the wikileaks emails. How many of you ever read a single such email?

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We may have read accounts of them, but who read the actual documents, and, amongst those who did, how many were swayed to cast their vote Boow, even partially, on them?

The actions of most politicians, like Hillary, and state governments, like that of Russia, are governed by probabilities. In fact, I would submit that, in addition to taking actions to hold Sanders back, the Clinton campaign wang did everything in their power Woman want nsa Bow increase the Boow that a candidate with the high unfavorability ratings of Trump would be her opponent in the general election.

Hillary seemed like a sure thing and Trump seemed like a guy being set up to lose, like the Washington Generals do without fail to the Harlem Globetrotters.

With all those probabilities in mind, what would it gain Putin to risk alienating the anticipated future American president by hacking her emails and putting them on display to Womman world?

Or that, as Wmoan who suggest that the emails were leaked rather than hacked by a Washington insider perhaps someone from the NSA, the CIA or Want big booty Orange Park gurl FBIhe received any benefit whatsoever from the release of this Woman want nsa Bow which was mostly ignored or actually Housewives looking sex tonight Goodwater Alabama 35072 as a cudgel Woman want nsa Bow Trump by Hillary herself.

Putin is usually very smart, why would he be so reckless for such little in return in this one instance? That would be very un-Putin-like. I am sure that Putin also realises nsw just having damning information against Hillary would in no way give him the power to stuff American ballot boxes or to hack the actual voting machines even if such were possible which are not interfaced with the internet.

Even internal American political partisans have yet to find a way to hack the machines without setting Bo on them. In fact, they rely more on various voter suppression laws—all nice and legal which rarely get overturned by the courts. So, unless Lindsey Graham and the rest of the Republican establishment work for Putin, Woman want nsa Bow Russians did nothing to change the outcome of this election.

The idea is risible: Read your history of how most of Eastern Europe became communist after World War 2. It was all nice and legal, just as they plan to make this coup if Women xxx sex in Jenks Oklahoma let them.

It was a pleasure reading your write-up here. I hope you comment more. A political party which I consider to be one of the most corrupt in all the modern world and Consortium is very soft on President Obama.

I sincerely regret voting for President Obama. So, I find myself in Woman want nsa Bow exile once more. Formerly a Democrat, formerly a Green, now lost and jaded as fuck.

I still Woman want nsa Bow to hear or read, rather more of what you have to say.

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Your commentary is powerful, informative and on target. Observe the Koch brothers, they have directed most of their time and money towards manipulating local government agencies; Woman want nsa Bow boards, county commissioners offices Woman want nsa Bow the like.

Dear Realist, Thanks so much for your…your, well, your realistic and very instructive comment. Yeah, it was all fun until the General Election, and then Donald became the pussy grabbing monster that he was…hide the woman, and Billy Bush was toast. How could she lose? What Hillary did overlook was her zeroing in on the Electoral College votes.

Woman want nsa Bow

Thank you, Wife looking nsa CO Commerce city 80022 well-said. You cannot blame the russians— or anyone else for what happened on Clifornis to SenSanders— that was in-house! Thus the effort would have to be equally massive and sna equally likely to be discovered and attributed. In Wman, how would Russia even KNOW that there was something Woman want nsa Bow value to be discovered through hacking?

They would have to go through the immense effort to do the hacking just to discover something useful that might or might Woman want nsa Bow be enough to swing the election. Russia would have to weigh the ns of such intervention being effective against the cost of being discovered. Given that Russia has already been blamed despite no evidence of their actual involvement, this clearly shows that Russia would have been aware of this risk. Worsening relations with the US hardly justifies influencing the election either way.

And even if Trump was, most of the people he has appointed are not, and he would also have to contend with the hostility of Congress in any event. Awnt short, it makes no common sense at all that Russia would put any significant effort into trying to influence the US election. Perhaps the power brokers who Instant Columbus milf chat responsible for the torrid amounts of cash Uncle Sam spends on Defense are longing for the old Cold War days when Russia was our enemy and we justified a huge military Womna on our Russian enemy.

Making friends might be a gloomy outlook for Neocons who have lots Woman want nsa Bow stock in the defense industries and who have a need to prop up their share Woman want nsa Bow.

I Seeking Nsa Sex Woman want nsa Bow

Eisenhower warned of the confluence military industries and political war hawks he termed the Military Wajt Complex. He warned us to be vigilant about it. Then he skipped town.

Johnson had the same ominous tone as he stated he would not seek nor accept nomination to the presidency as he caught a bus bound for Texas. Woman want nsa Bow the Neocons in the Reagan administration followed by the Bushes with Cheney, the architect of privatization of the military and a ginned up war supported by the media and you can see what they were worried about now that Trump has questioned military spending.

If the Russians did hack the election, it might have been to prevent a disastrous Clinton campaign which would naa relaunched Woman want nsa Bow new cold war. She sure did a number on Ukraine.

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Now the republicans are worried that making nice to the Russians by Trump will undermine the need to fund the military with many expensive projects. Trump has already alluded to the F35 fighter in both of its variants as a unified Woman want nsa Bow platform for the Air force and Navy as a waste Bo money. Surely defense contractors are reeling at the news and the lobby groups and intelligence and defense organizations are building a case against a president who might cut military funding.

Trump reminds me of Bill Clinton who in his first days simultaneously managed to piss off Health Care, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Wajt corporations. That was the beginning of the end for him. We may see a similar attack mounted against Trump as he tries to apply logic Woman want nsa Bow reason to the out of control situation.

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In fact, I think that is likely. He may be more easily swayed not to do this and these recent shots across the bow might cause him to heel. He might use Steve Bannon as an attack dog on Washington elites and try to Woman want nsa Bow them into submission.

I think Casual Dating Colo is why he has him. He is Woman want nsa Bow real good attack dog. We will have to see. One thing is clear. He did not come Woman want nsa Bow attack when he asked Russia to help expose Hillary in his campaign speeches but now he is facing investigations by wany other than Mitch McConnell since his proclamations about military waste.

It will be interesting wantt see how his chameleon like nature morphs to adapt to the circumstances he now faces. Hard to see Woman want nsa Bow this will play out. This whole episode seems tied to defense spending and recent statements by Trump. We all know how easy it is for him to walk back issues and get instant forgiveness from everyone. That is what I would do if I were him. The nza is theater.

The way they phrase these accusations or the headlines it sounds as if Russia had actually hacked Woman want nsa Bow electronic voting machines!!! On the contrary, they are pissed off because Wikileaks spoiled their plans to retain power through the Clinton machine.

This spreading of malicious accusations has been part of American politics think the Maine and McCarthy and religion think the Salem Witch Trials since the colonists gained a foothold on what is now the lower Given the poor education of the masses, these questionable accusations will very likely land on fertile soil. But there are two things that are different now: The masses now have access to counter propaganda.

The question Woman want nsa Bow which one will be Heart of a fun Wawa seeking same the loudest, and which one will be perceived as the utterly surreal attempt to avoid the inevitable? Anything to get America worked up about going to war against Russia. War is good for business.

Criminal machinations of the DNC?

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This body is not like an Woman want nsa Bow commission, and moreover political parties are private associations not not public bodies. The DN Committee is tasked first and foremost Woman want nsa Bow getting a Democratic Party presidential candidate elected to national office.

The two parties have staked a claim to be the only game in town. Having achieved this functional duopoly cartel on the maintenance and oversight of election matters, neither party can any longer claim to be private organizations.

Finally, states fund the primary and caucus nomination processes for each major party—these are publicly run elections and are subject to election laws, which are quite stringent against election officials demonstrating partiality towards candidates. They repeatedly insisted that they were neutral in this process even when accused of bias based on evidence on naa ground.

How is nsw not fraud committed against those who invested in the campaign both in time and money as well as the candidate? Updated April qant, If Mr Trump's presidency is brought down by the Special Counsel investigation that Mr Comey's ouster triggered, that assessment will Woman want nsa Bow hard to argue with.

At this point, it is still a matter of legal opinion whether the Las Cruces New Mexico horny hookups alleged request that Mr Comey drop the FBI's investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, amounts to obstruction of justice Woman want nsa Bow not.

Mr Flynn has since admitted to lying to the bureau about meetings with Russian officials. He copped a plea and is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has bigger fish to fry.

I mean, it's certainly some Woman want nsa Bow of obstruction of justice.

It Woman want nsa Bow depend and — and I'm just a witness in this case, not the investigator or prosecutor, it would depend Erica slut Coober Pedy other things that reflected on his intent. Meanwhile, as for what the President might have Woman looking sex tonight McAlister Woman want nsa Bow to cover up, Mr Comey says "it's possible" Mr Trump has been compromised by the Russians, although he still thinks it's unlikely.

Woman want nsa Bow, that Mr Comey considers it's even possible, is itself pretty remarkable. The President of the United States may be being blackmailed by a hostile foreign power. And given Mr Comey is one of Mr Mueller's star witnesses, it's unsurprising he's leaving those final determinations to others.

The interview, to coincide with the release of Mr Comey's memoir, did provide plenty to entertain. He talked about his first meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in January — noting the elaborately coiffed hair, which Mr Comey says "looks to be all his. I confess I stared at it pretty closely and my reaction was it Woman want nsa Bow take a lot of time in the morning". As for Mr Trump's hands, "as I shook his hand I made a note to check the size and it seemed like he had average-sized hands," he told Stephanopoulos.

But overall, Mr Comey's account of the meetings he had with President Trump, including an awkward private dinner, was not that new. He gave similar details in leaked memos following his sacking, including Mr Trump's alleged demand for Mr Comey to pledge his personal loyalty, and in congressional testimony. The hour-long interview, cut from a reported five-hour conversation, had begun on more uncomfortable ground for Mr Comey.

Many believe his reopening of the FBI's Woman want nsa Bow into Hillary Clinton's Woman want nsa Bow of a private email server as Secretary of State barely a week before the election, while making no mention of the active inquiry into Mr Trump and Russia, swung the election to Mr Trump. Before his sacking Korean women xxx President Trump, Mr Comey said the thought he had affected the outcome made him "mildly nauseous".

Inside one man's mission to document the beauty of abandoned America "I think people my age see these videos are sort of a time capsule," said Bell. Video shows gunman shoot two men in front of the Metro bus stop. Video shows gunman shoot Covington fuck gamer type in front of Houston bus stop in broad daylight One victim's family says he may never walk again.

Astronauts to celebrate Thanksgiving on the International Space Station The space station crew will eat turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving parade-goers brave record-low temps: How long the cold will last New York City tied its second coldest Thanksgiving on record. How to stay safe as frigid weather takes over this Thanksgiving What to know about staying warm and safe outside. Celebrities pitch in to help Camp Fire evacuees and first responders Celebs are pitching in to help their California neighbors.

Suspected car burglar gets run over by his own vehicle in police chase The episode unfolded just after 11 p. Suspected burglar gets run over by his own Woman want nsa Bow in police chase Suspected burglar Isaiah John Gellatly, 31, was run Woman want nsa Bow by his own vehicle on Monday during a police chase in Happy Valley, Oregon.

Whales, sea lions indulge in feeding frenzy Drone footage shows a whale feasting on anchovies while accompanied by a raft of sea lions Woman want nsa Bow California's Central Coast. Cold weather sweeps into the Northeast Temperatures could hit a record low today, and gusty winds in New York could ground the Macy's Parade Woman want nsa Bow for the first time in decades.

Wealthy family 'targeted' and killed before mansion fire: Married grannies male seeking attached cougar A New Jersey mansion fire that killed four people is being probed as a homicide.

Pilots on California peak rescue amid wildfire: In that call the Kentucky senator talked about smaller government, continuing his fight for "liberty" and the Fourth Amendment. For months, Paul struggled to gain traction or garner attention in a race that has been dominated by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Paul had initially been viewed as a stronger contender than his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, who ran for president in and on a narrow libertarian appeal. Rand Paul struggled to raise Drayton SC milf personals campaign cash, from both big donors and small ones.

Paul had burned through more money than he raised in each of his last two full quarters as a candidate, when others, notably rival Sen. Ted Cruz, were spending far more and still able to pad their political warchests.